LETHAL WEAPON - Lifestyle And Mentality Of A G

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You become high caliber when you’re comfortable in these 5 scenarios

  • In the trenches grinding, getting money in

  • In the gym, training, pushing yourself beyond your physical limits 

  • In social circumstances seducing beautiful females

  • At dinner tables with shot callers, networking and creating meaningful relationships 

  • In the bedroom fucking

The LETHAL WEAPON - Lifestyle & Mentality Of a G course will teach how to be  effective in each one of these 5 domains and most importantly 


What will you get? 

The course has 2 hours of video content and an e-book of 50 pages

I will be covering the following topics: 

  1. Chapter One - Fitness and Diet 

  2. Chapter Two - Money 

  3. Chapter Three - Women 

  4. Chapter Four - Networking 

  5. Chapter Five - Integrating it all together 

As a man 

You must focus all of your energy on becoming a LETHAL WEAPON

Physically strong. Financially powerful. Extremely well connected. Wanted by beautiful women. Respected by important men.

Nobody cares about losers. Winners take it all. The pussy, the clout, the opportunities.

After understanding and applying my knowledge you will put yourself in the position to dominate your reality. 

By the way, if you don't really know if the course is worth the money or not

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The product CHANGES LIVES. If you buy it and consider that it's shit. You get the money back. 

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This product is your path to the top 1%. After you’ve correctly implemented the tactics learned from Joe Lampton, you’ll be able to create an amazing lifestyle by mastering FITNESS, MONEY, NETWORKING AND WOMEN

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(37 ratings)
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LETHAL WEAPON - Lifestyle And Mentality Of A G

37 ratings
I want this!